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It's 1934 and there's been a murder...

It's up to you the player to find the clues, help the police and arrest the true murderer. But be aware, if you choose wrongly, it'll be you who will be a murderer.

This game is a student project made thanks to Collaboratrium and the team spirit of students in USW

This project was created as a third year game in order to show the growth of each of the students involved. We wanted to make a murder mystery game unlike any other and include all our favourite aspects of the mysteries that inspired each of us to take part.

Team Roles
Catherine Devenport: Lead designer, Coder &  Project lead
Angharad Richards: Designer & Documentation
Tyler Cooper: Designer, Story/Script writer, Level design & Assistant lead
Josh Parr: 3D Modelling furnishings, Objects & Voice of George & Radio
Sandra Rodecka: 3D Modelling characters & 2D character Concepting
Carina Krause: 2D Environment concepting, Voice of Joan & 3D Furnishings
Ula Vosyliute: 2D Character concepting & UI 2D artwork.
Mills Ogara: 3D Animator, Motion Capture Team & 3D Rigger
Brandon J Camilleri: Voice of Ronald
Abby Timms: Voice of Honey, Eggy & Radio
Sonia Marshall: Voice of Doris
Devante Fleming: Voice of Detective
Edward Clapton & George Baker: Music, Sound effects & misc voices

With special thanks to Sonia Marshall for the original concept.

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